Apr 24th – U13 Match Reports (2)

Greenwood 1 v 1 Watergrasshill

Last sunday we played Greenwood in the League short a lot of regulars. We made real hard work off this game the season seems to be catching up with us. With all the play in the first half we went in 1 nil down at half time. We improved in the second half and got our goal with 10 mins to go but no mater how hard we tried we could not get that all important winner.

A special thanks who all help us field a team on the day and

Squad:  Padraig,Luke,Adam,Darren.Colin,Conor.Andrew,Daniel,Aron,Chris,Jake,Seamus,Sean.Kirean


Watergrasshill 0 v 6 Park Utd

In this game Park showed there true class and dominated this game from start to finish. No mater how hard we tried we just could not get in to this game. But it must be said we showed great heart and commitment but it seems the season has caught up with us with our players out nearly ever night playing all codes ...

We have not become a bad team over night just a team going through a bad patch.

So lets hope we can pick it up for our last few games and finish as high up in he league as we can.

Second spot is still there for the takings so let the real battle begin now.

As the season draws to a close in the next week or 2 a special thanks to ALL the Players and Parents

for their support though out the season

Squad:  Kirean,Conor,Luke,James.Darren.Andrew.Adam.Aron.Daniel,Jason.Chris,Joe,Karol,Colin,Owen



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