Oct 29th – U13 Kinsale (2) v (1) WGH Utd

On Sunday Oct. 28th we travelled to Kinsale in a league fixture.

We started this game very well with some very early shots on kinsale's goal. With us setting the tempo we were very very unfortunate to concede an own goal with 15 minutes gone. However we picked ourselves up and drove at Kinsale even harder and were rewareded on the 25th minute with a lovely goal from our midfielder Colin Cronin. It finished half time Kinsale 1 -1 WGH.

At the start of the second half Kinsale came out fighting. While we matched them tackle for tackle we were very unlucky not to be rewareded a clear penalty chance on the 45th minute when our centre forward Padraig O Leary was tackled from behind while racing into the box with the ball. We knew who ever got the next goal would win the game and unfortunately this happened to be Kinsale on the 50th minute. Kinsale 2-1 wgh. We kept going right up to the final whistle pushing hard to try and get something out of this game, no more than what we would have deserved but to no joy, at the final whistle it finished Kinsale 2 - 1 WGH.

Well done to all the lads who could not be faulted for their passion and determination on the day,we just have to get more out of chances in front of goal. Thanks to all the parents who travelled to support us.

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