Over 30’s Ladies Indoor Soccer

Coordinated by the Cork Women's Soccer League (C.W.S.S.L.), Watergrasshill United have an opprotunity to enter an over 30's Ladies indoor soccer team on Wednesday nights, 8pm - 9pm, in the Sports Village on the Model Farm Road commencing January 16th.

This will be held over 10 weeks from this date.

There is no cost involved and the team will have the full backing & resourses available from the Club.

Anyone interested contact Paul on 086 447 6760 or on email at watergrasshillunited@gmail.com.


1. 6 A-side games with 4 subs, all subs can roll on roll off 2. Four teams play over 2 hours, 3 games per team 3. Each game is 15 minutes in duration each half. 4. The ball goes out of play when it hits the side boards; it is put back into play with a kick-in. The kick-in cannot go directly into the goal. 5. The ball goes out of play when it hits the end boards, it is put back into play either by the keeper throwing the ball back into play or the awarding of a Corner Kick. 6. After a goal has been scored, it is put back into play by a kick off 7. Players can score from anywhere on the field. 8. No slide tackling or shoulder charging. All fouls are penalized as in 11 a side soccer. The opponent must be five yards away from the ball at the time of the kick. 9. No off-sides. 10. Players have 4 seconds to take free kicks, corner kicks and kick ins. Goalkeepers have only 4 seconds to get the ball back into play upon receiving it.

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