An update on Development Pamoja in Kenya by James Hennessy

Development Pamoja - "Our colleagues in Kenya",by James Hennessy

Development Pamoja is a community based organisation working in the Rift Valley in Kenya. Our main focus is empowering communities to become self-sufficient. Since 2010 we have provided zero interest loans to people in the district of Mogotio, enabling them to start small businesses. In the past two years we have begun to focus on assisting local farmers, particularly subsistence farmers, who only produce enough to survive. In 2012 we started a demonstration farm showing local people how to harvest rain water, as water is an issue in the area. We introduced new farming techniques such as drip irrigation to the area. Our aim is that local people will start to replicate these farming techniques which will increase their own productivity and in turn ensure that local farmers and their families no longer rely on aid. The farm also provides employment for people in the local community.

A polytunnel with tomatoes on our farm.

Apart from providing loans and working with local farmers Development Pamoja also implements social projects. At present we are testing people in the Mogotio district for HIV/AIDS to help prevent the virus from claiming more lives. Within this project we also educate people on how to live with HIV/AIDS and care for people suffering from the illness. We also promote the rights of those living with HIV/AIDS and show the community at large that people living with HIV/AIDS still contribute positively to society.

With the help of Watergrasshill United we also work closely with a local football team Athinai Football Club. David Okinja and James Hennessy who work with Development Pamoja assist with coaching the senior team. The season in Kenya runs with the calendar. In 2012 we finished fifth in a league of seventeen teams and will be hoping for an improved performance in 2013.

Athinai FC

As Development Pamoja we would like to take this opportunity to thank members of Watergrasshill United and the parish of Watergrasshill and Glenville as a whole who have been very supportive of our work to date.

If you would like further information on our work please check out our website www.developmentpamoja.org

James Hennessy

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