Under 9’s SSG League commences next week

The Under 9 Cork Schoolboys League Small Sided Games (SSG) are here again this year and due to commence on the weekend 5th April and will continue until the end of May 2013. We have been drawn with Midleton, Carrigaline, Blarney, Greenwood & College Corinthians in group 9G3 . Matches will be played on a home and away basis (Mainly Saturday Evenings). There may be some midweek games involved.

Current schedule up to May 1st

9G3 Greenwood v Watergrasshill United, 6.00pm
9G3 Midleton v Watergrasshill United, 6.30pm
9G3 Watergrasshill United v Corinthian Boys A, 6.00pm
9G3 Watergrasshill United v Carrigaline Rovers, 6.30pm
9G3 Blarney Boca Juniors v Watergrasshill United, 6.00pm

Rules: The small sided games are non competitive games and results are not kept by Cork Schoolboys League. Each game will consist of 3x15 Minute periods with a 5 minute break between each period. Each match is to be 7 a side.  The ideal squad number is 10 where 7 players start, after the first period 3 players come off and 3 go on. The following period, the 3 players who came off go back on and the 3 players who have played the first 2 periods come off. In effect each player plays at least 2 periods. If the situation arises, additional playing time will be based on training attendance.

Our squad is currently strong with 13 players in total. It is our intention to play every game with this squad which will result in less playing time for players unless we can arrange with the team we are playing with to play more than 7 a side. It will be our intention to seek this from other teams but cannot guarantee they will agree.  We will send out a text at the start of the week of where and when that game will take place. We would appreciate if you could let us know if your son is able to make the game that week by Thursday.

The children have been training since September and are a credit to your selves. Their attitude and love of the game is second to none. However, it’s now their time to put into practice what they have learnt in training. It is also their time to make decisions and mistakes for themselves on the pitch. For that reason we would like all parents not to coach the children during the game but to offer encouragement and support only, to all children.  Rob or myself will coach the kids as needed.

After talking to the players, it is our intention to rotate players between all positions again this year as you can imagine everyone wants to play midfield / forward and we believe it is right to give them every opportunity to do this. We will set up a system to ensure that all players get equal time in these positions.

We look forward to seeing you at all games and thank you for your support.

Training will still take place during this period with time and date yet to be decided.

Yours In Sport,

Frank & Rob.

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