Girls Under 12 AWAY v Blarney on Thursday April 11

Thursday April 11, leaving Watergrasshill National School at 5.15pm AWAY in the Evening Echo Cup/Quarter Final: Blarney v WATERGRASSHILL UNITED

We will be back in the village about 8.15pm

PLEASE NOTE: As per hand out notification earlier in the season, we have now started to rotate our squad for league/cup games to ensure ALL older girls get fair & equal match time during the season, due to the fantastic numbers persently attending games and training. Relevant text message will be sent to parents/guardians for games, please don't be offended if you haven't received it,it just means that you'll be included in our squad for our next game.

We would ask for you to be patient during this process which we have implemented soley for the welfare of our girls academy.

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