Skehanagh Park almost ready for the new Season

Work In Progress 039

Thanks to all those who turned up today working on improving our facilities at Skehanagh Park. The home dressing room is almost ready and the benches received a fresh coat from Pat and Frank, the painting of the containers finished thanks to PJ and Rob, Naoise and Dave gave the kitchen a second coat and Mark the builder created some fabulous benches. Mark also used his handyman skills to take down the signs (and put them back up)  and proved all of us that he is a great project manager for the improvement project and delegator. Thanks to Catherine for supplying us with some lovely sandwiches and other refreshments. Next week we plan to finish the kitchen, paint the referee room, the other dressing rooms and clean the floors. If you could spare and hour or two to give a hand it would be great. We will continue next week on Tuesday July 30th from 7.00 to 9.00PM. All help is greatly appreciated. Special Thanks to Derry for supplying the materials and to all other Watergrasshill United volunteers for their help during the week.

Work In Progress 047


Main white and red dressing room is looking class with the black benches

Work In Progress 046

Work In Progress 043


All cut back

Work In Progress 041

Work In Progress 034


All dressing rooms received a fresh coat of paint

Work In Progress 033


just like new

Work In Progress 031


new benches

Work In Progress 030

Work In Progress 028


Skehanagh Park, ready for the new season

Work In Progress 039

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