Sport For All – School Development Programme 2013/2014 kicks off

Our Sport for All - School Development Program kicked off today at the Watergrasshill National School. Each wednesday coaches of the Watergrasshill United soccer club will assist Jason Brown from Coerver Coaching to deliver some fun and games to the boys & girls of Watergrasshill National school in a non competitive environment to encourage everyone to stay active & healthy.



Jason explaining some drills to 4th class boys and girls



Healthy and sporty Fun and games




Watergrasshill United originally launched this pilot scheme, which was unique to Munster,  in November 2010 within Watergrasshill National School and have successfully run the programme for 2 years. This semester we are partnering up with Coerver Coaching and will run the programme again voluntary & free of charge each week, presently each Wednesday, within the school between the hours 1pm-3pm initially for 3rd & 4th year classes.

Coaching sessions are completed by Jason Brown from Coerver Coaching Ireland with assistance of Watergrasshill United coaches, which ensures some familiarity & commitment with the children involved, some of whom are members of the Club.

This scheme is designed to deliver semesters of fun, skills and games for boys & girls of all levels of ability, in a non competitive environment and to encourage everyone to stay active & healthy. We hope that by focusing on participants needs & performances will encourage all to achieve & demonstrate enjoyment, equality and fair play in sport.


  • Engage children in sport through a positive and fun experience.
  • Help kids develop a love of sport that inspires them to join a local sporting club.
  • Create simple but powerful connections between soccer and vital life skills.
  • Construct a solid foundation for healthy lifestyle habits.

Since the inception of our SPORT FOR ALL – SCHOOL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME there is a considerable increase in interest in our Club with new members from all ages joining that have not been part of any sporting organisation. There is no doubt that this has arisen as a result of the “positive & fun” attitude of our coaches.

We have seen at our weekly training sessions that sport brings out the confidence in younger children. Sport will help children achieve physical fitness goals and reap the benefits of an active lifestyle. It also helps you build characteristics and abilities that carry over into other aspects of your life. Whether you play team or individual sports, lessons learned on the field and court can serve you well for years to come.

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