Jenkinson Logistics presents club gear to U12 Girls

Many thanks to all the parents and U-12 squad members who attended our Club sponsored jacket presentation earlier today in The First Fruits Arts Centre Watergrasshill.

This Arts Centre is truly a fabulous location in our village, of which no doubt we will be seeing more coverage and PR off over the next few months.

This afternoon was Watergrasshill's answer to "The Great Bake Off" and thanks to all who brought home baking to mark the occasion.

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Thanks to Mc Mahons / Derry for sponsoring the sandwiches & to all who assisted in the set up for today & the clean up after.

Derek O Kelly Lynch, Director Jenkinson Logistics, based in Glanmire presented individually all our U-12 squad with quality Club crested jackets.


Derek, a SARS man at heart, is not new with his involvement for the Club, his company as part of the Jenkinson Group, CS&R Tivoli, manufactured our dugs outs two years ago.

It was a great afternoon with a fantastic turnout from our U-12's.

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