Under 11 Season


The season ends for us and it just needs to be rounded up and a few people thanked for their help and support. First and foremost I would like to thank Paul and Marcus for their 100% commitment to everything we achieved on the field, to win a league and cup double in your first season is a fantastic return, but to have also reached the final of the Local Cup really tells the true story of our season. Paul and Marcus brought this team to a standard where, while we hoped, we never dreamed such things could be achieved, we trained 58 times and the phone calls which go between the 3 of us would amount to working a full time job in an effort to keep this show on the road.

Yes there were arguments, differences of opinion and at times a lot of frustration, but we supported each other and got through some periods where 1,or 2, or the 3 of us wanted to just pack the whole thing in. But in the end it was worth it and history was made by a squad of players who never let us down, who trained in some terrible weather, who brought in to the idea of what we wanted from a football team and never once on the field or in the dressing room gave us any bother and were a joy to work with.

So thanks to all who were there for us this season, Parents, for giving of your time and getting the lads to all those training sessions and matches including friendlies, for your support and also for for sticking with us when your son did not get his game, that is a great thing to see when a parent gets their child to remain part of a squad when they could easily take a different view, I especially like to thank those parents.

Dave Nodwell, our shirt sponsor, we appreciate it Dave and thank you again. Lisa Walsh,thanks Lisa for having to put up with looking at football shirts on your washing line for over a year, depends on who you believe who actually washed, and ironed them! Rob Knaap, thanks for all the work you did in the background in the run up to the 2 cup finals and of course all the photos, Belinda O'Sullivan who became official team photographer along the way to the cups. Paul Sharkey, for all the help in putting together the match programmes in the cup finals and everything else behind the scenes. Derry Desmond, for getting the signs out and the bunting out early for the cup finals

Marcus, I knew from the first training session that you gave that we would win a league and maybe more, your coaching has proved that you can lead a team to success, thanks also for all the work you did in getting all the leg work done prior to Turners Cross, Paul and myself know how lucky we were to have you available to put all the medals, new tops etc together at a stressful time.

Finally Paul, this would not have been possible without you, your dedication to the team and to get the best out of all players was fantastic, only we will know the effort it took and Gods knows how many phone calls between us over the course of the season. Thanks for all your efforts and sharing the highs and the lows,you kept me sane when it was easier to walk away, thanks for being just that little bit intense, don't change! now go and enjoy your second love, yes folks Paul is a massive cricket fan! Thanks everybody for the good wishes, we train this Tuesday as usual and pre-season starts next week....

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