Join our Last Man Standing Competition before March 21st

Know your football? Prove it and help Watergrasshill United in the process. Watergrasshill United is running another last man standing fundraiser. Please join below or share the link with your friends, family and at work. €10 to enter, win 50% of the pot. Join before March 21st.

Enter at http://www.runlastman.com/competitions/711-watergrasshill-united-watergrasshill-united-s-last-man-standing

Last Man Standing Rules

  1. Players pay their entry fee before the competition starts, and don’t need to pay again. Some of the fee goes to support the club or charity running the competition, and the rest goes into the pot to be won.
  2. Each week, players simply pick a team playing a match that week – if their team wins, they go through; lose or draw and they’re out.
  3. A player can only pick a team to winonce in a competition, so they should be tactical about who they pick and when.
  4. All selections must be in 15 minutes before kick off of the first match — they can be changed up to this deadline.
  5. Rounds of fixtures may take place on weekends or mid-week.
  6. If a team’s game is postponed, players who chose them are automatically put through to the next round.
  7. If players forget to pick a team before each round’s deadline, we’ll randomly pick one for them for that round.
  8. The Last Man Standing continues until only one person remains and wins the pot. If two participants remain at the end, the pot is equally distributed; however, if more than two remain everyone goes through to the next round. If all remaining players lose their match in a round together, they all go through to the next round.


All team selections after week 1 must be made online at www.runlastman.com.
Players will receive an email from admin@runlastman.com confirming receipt of payment. Take this email as proof of your payment.
Players who forget their password should click “Forgot Password” on the site and a link to change their password will be sent by email.
Players can change their own password by going to their account page, clicking “Edit Account” and changing it at the bottom.
If the player you’re adding wants you to make their picks simply take their name and week pick You can also add player’s emails and they make their own picks each week. They’ll receive an email with instructions on how to make their picks.

Download offline-form if you don't want to sign up online. You can fill in the form and hand the cash to any of the Watergrasshill United coaches of management.

Good Luck!


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