The following page outlines the Policies and Regulations that are legal requirements for any sporting organisation. Watergrasshill United is happy to be fully supportive of all below policies to ensure our Club and Facilities are as safe and welcoming as possible for all of our members.

Watergrasshill United Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct for players, spectators, parents, managers and volunteers can be found here:

Watergrasshill United Garda Vetting Policy and Information

Our Garda Vetting Policy and Information Pack can be downloaded here: Watergrasshill United Garda Vetting Policy

FAI Garda Vetting Forms can be found here : FAI Garda Vetting

Watergrasshill United Data Protection Policy

It is necessary for Watergrasshill United (“The Club”) to collect and record certain personal data relating to each member including the details overleaf. This information may be provided to the relevant League(s) and FAI and any necessary third parties to facilitate any services provided relating to the FAI Player Registration Programme Website (“The Website”). It is the FAI that controls any data provided. The system will be used for management and administration purposes only. Any party receiving the information shall not use it for commercial purposes or release it to any party without prior approval.

The Club wishes to ensure that each of its members (for the purpose of applicable data protection legislation) explicitly and unambiguously consents to the processing of personal data by the club in conjunction with its ordinary business. Note that The Club are compliant with GDPR which came into effect 25th May 2018. Therefore, the member/parent/guardian should confirm the following:

I consent to the use of the players personal details as set out above and for such purposes as the FAI deems reasonable and appropriate. Each member is entitled to request in writing a copy of any personal data about themselves which is held and have amended any data which is incorrect, incomplete or misleading.

Our Club is GDPR compliant via our Payment System Easy Payments Plus. Information about GDPR can be found here: The GDPR and You

Watergrasshill United Child Safeguarding Statement & Risk Assessment

Watergrasshill United have drafted a Child Safeguarding Statement in line with the FAI's best practice and have also conducted a Risk Assessment of potential risks to our members. The Child Safeguarding Statement can be found here. The FAI Child Welfare Safeguarding Policy can be found here:  

This statement and risk assessment will be subject to internal review on a regular basis to ensure the safest environment possible is provided to our members.

Watergrasshill United is following best practices described in the Children First National Guidance for the Protection and Welfare of Children, the FAI Child Welfare Safeguarding Policy and the SportIreland safeguarding-guidance for children and young people in sport

Procedure for Reporting Child Abuse Concerns or Allegations

Watergrasshill United is committed to ensuring that children can participate in all club activities in a safe environment. The safety and welfare of children is paramount. This procedure details the Club approach to reporting child abuse concerns or allegations and is in line with the FAI Child Welfare and Safeguarding Policy. The policy can be found here.  


All participants in Watergrasshill United are obliged to fully comply with the Club’s rules, regulations, codes of behaviour, policies and guidelines applicable to their role (e.g. player, coach, volunteer, parent). Disciplinary action, including expulsion without notice, may be taken by the Club for offences of misconduct or breach of such rules, regulations, codes, policies and guidelines. This document sets out the procedures for such actions and can be found here:.

Safe Recruitment Policy

Watergrasshill United will take all reasonable steps to ensure that coaches, managers and volunteers are suitable to work with children and young people.

All prospective coaches, managers and volunteers are required to complete an application form/self-declaration form, giving the names of two referees who will then be contacted. Written references will then be verified and kept on file.

All coaches, managers and volunteers must complete Garda vetting clearance. In addition, they are required to complete the FAI-arranged Safeguarding Level 1 course which provides a good basic understanding of Child Protection legislation and educates participants on the implementation of best practice in protecting the welfare of children in football.

All appointments are subject to approval and ratification by the appropriate Club Committee member (e.g. CSL Liason in relation to applications for coaching roles with a Club Schoolboy Team).

All coaches, managers and volunteers will be subject to a sign up procedure in which they undertake to abide by Watergrasshill United rules and FAI codes of conduct and practice. (Appropriate confidentiality will be maintained in regard to all application and reference forms.

Once recruited, Watergrasshill United will make all efforts to support and manage coaches, managers and volunteers ensuring that no person is expected to work alone.

All coaches, managers and volunteers will receive some form of induction training including receiving information about FAI and Club policies and procedures and any required training and support will be put in place. This helps to minimise the unintentional risk to children through lack of understanding and knowledge.

Social Media & Photographic Policy

It is expected that all Members, Club Officials, Coaches, Parents, Players and Volunteers will uphold the ethos of the Club in all social media interactions and use of photographic materials, including any recordings.

The Club recognises the benefits of social media as an important tool of engagement to communicate with members and supporters. The Club understands that the use of Social Media helps promote football and our club if used appropriately.

This policy is aligned to the FAI Social Media Policy and applies to all Members, Club Officials, Coaches, Parents, Players and Volunteers of the Club and can be found here:

Watergrasshill United Treatment of Injuries & Incident Report Form

Unless informed by a parent/guardian in writing, Watergrasshill United coaches will administer first aid to any player or member in the event of such treatment being required. Our coaches will undertake this treatment in good faith and will not be held liable for any harm caused as a result of this treatment.

Injuries will be recorded on the Clubs injury report form and a copy of this report can be made available to parents/guardians or other appropriate individuals upon receipt of a written request authorising the release of such information. Our injury report form can be found here: Incident Report Form_wgh_utd

Our coaches are also aware of concussion protocols as outlined here: Pocket Concussion Recognition tool - Non medical

Terms and Conditions of Membership

I accept and understand and will comply with the Watergrasshill United Code of Conduct/Ethics for players, parents and supporters (www.watergrasshillunited.com/aboutus) as well as the constitution of Watergrasshill United

I give permission for this member to be taken to hospital in the event of serious injury, where I am not present

I consent for First Aid to be administered to this member in the event of an injury occurring at Watergrasshill United training and/or matches

I understand that photographs/videos may be taken at or during training, matches, club events etc. and may be used for training, promotion of the game/club or otherwise

I accept that children remain the responsibility of parents/guardians until the arrival of coaches and should be promptly collected at the scheduled finish of training/matches/events.

I agree to the Watergrasshill United ‘No Pay No Play’ policy in regard to membership. I also agree to pay outstanding membership no later than the 30th September each year. I accept that unregistered players may not participate in training/matches.

I understand that all activities contain an element of risk of injury. In order to minimise risk, members must respect the instructions given by coaches and club officials.

I accept and acknowledge my adherence to all Watergrasshill United policies, guidelines and rules not limited to those available on this website on the 'Policies and Regulations' or 'About Us' pages.