Club Committee & Liaisons 2018/2019

Chairperson Ken Beechinor
Child Welfare Officer David Feehan
Treasurer Frank Cronin
Club Secretary Joe O'Keeffe
CYL Secretary Michael McCourt
CSL Liaison Officer Nicholas O Sullivan
Academy Liaison Officer Joe O'Keeffe
CWSSL League Liaison Officer Brian Cronin
Facilities Maintenance Manager Mark Dennehy



League & Governing Body: Cork AUL www.corkaul.com

Junior/AUL   Nicholas O' Sullivan, Kevin O Callaghan


League & Governing Body: Cork AUL www.corkyouthsleague.ie

CYL Under 18 (Players Born 2001)  John Barton, Dave Feehan
CYL Under 17 (Players Born 2002)  Kevin O' Mahony, Martin McCarthy


League & Governing Body: Cork Schoolboys League www.corkschoolboysleague.ie

Under 16’s  (Players Born 2003)  Paddy O Keeffe, Rob Knapp, Peter   Chandler.
Under 15’s  (Players Born 2004)  Frank Cronin, Ciaran Flanagan
Under 14's  (Players Born 2005)  Pat Healy, Ken Cotter
Under 14A’s (Players Born 2005)  Richard Coleman
Under 13’s (Players Born 2006)  Colum O Bric, Eugene O Sullivan.
Under 12’s (Players Born 2007)   Frank Cronin, Richy Hadlow
Under 12a’s (Players Born 2007)   Ken Beechinor, Colm Manley, Rob Knaap.




League & Governing Body: Cork Schoolboys League www.corkschoolboysleague.ie

U11’s (Players Born 2008)  Mark Dennehy, John Fitzgerald.
U10’s (Players Born 2009)  John Ahern, Alan O'Mahony, Tim Madden
U9’s (Players Born 2010)  Joe O'Keeffe
U8’s (Players Born 2011)  Colin Tobin, Joe O'Keeffee, Gary Prendergast.
U7’s (Players Born 2012)  Michael Davies, Gary Prendergast.
 U6's (Players Born 2013)   Mick McCourt, Karl 


League and Governing Body: Cork Women's & Schoolgirls Soccer League : http://cwssl.ie/

Under 16's (Players born 2002)  Brian Cronin, Pat O'Leary, Dave Hogan,Merette Sheehan.
 Under 14's (Players born 2004)  Gwen Conroy, Brian Cronin
 Under 10's /U12's (Players born 2006-08)  Ken Beechinor, Dave Warren, Stan Carroll, Leo Senna.


The membership fee for 2018/19 is €60 per player for date of birth 2007 and older. AUL fee is €80

If there are 2 members of the same family registering on CSL teams then the fee is €90 for both players.

The membership fee for 2018/19 is €50 per academy player for date of birth 2008 and younger.

Registration and payment of membership fees is Online via our Payment System. Discounts automatically apply to the bill. Instructions can be found here: How to Pay your Membership for the 2018_2019 Season


Download the Code of Conduct here : Code_of_conduct_27.7.18


Constitution of Watergrasshill United. (Amended June 2017)

Our club Constitution can be downloaded here Constitution of Watergrasshill United (Amended 2017) 

Our club constitution describes and incorporates the following standing Orders and Codes of Practice:

  1. Name of Club
  2. Objectives of the Club
  3. Management of the Club
  4. Annual General Meeting
  5. Role of the Committee
  6. Role of the Secretary
  7. Role of the Treasurer
  8. Manager/Coaches
  9. Accounts of the Club
  10. Standing Orders
  11. Codes of Practice
  12. Club Rules
  13. Anti-Discrimination Policy
  14. Child Welfare
  15. Complaints Procedure
  16. Income & Property
  17. Winding Up
  18. Additions, Alterations or Amendments:
  19. Keeping of Accounts