All participants in Watergrasshill United are obliged to fully comply with the Club’s rules, regulations, codes of behaviour, policies and guidelines applicable to their role (e.g. player, coach, volunteer, parent). Disciplinary action, including expulsion without notice, may be taken by the Club for offences of misconduct or breach of such rules, regulations, codes, policies and guidelines.

All reasonable efforts to resolve matters should be exhausted at local level before accessing the formal procedure detailed below. For example, it may be appropriate that the initial point of contact is the Team Manager for resolving issues involving players, and this may also involve the relevant Club Liason.

While many complaints or concerns can be dealt with in an informal manner to the satisfaction of all concerned, it is advisable that detailed records are maintained in respect of all complaints and that all parties are advised of the following formal complaints and appeals procedure, if required.


The person who has a formal complaint or concern should bring it to the attention of the Club Secretary or Club Children’s Officer. The complaint or concern should be in writing and should outline all relevant details and other parties involved. The Club Secretary or Club Child Welfare Officer shall acknowledge receipt of the complaint.


The complaint or concern shall then be brought to the attention of the Club Chairperson who will convene a disciplinary sub-committee, unless the complaint or concern relates to a child abuse matter or criminal offence that meets criteria for formal reporting to the statutory authorities. In which case, any internal club process shall be stopped and the Chairperson shall inform the relevant statutory authority as soon as possible.

The disciplinary sub-committee shall comprise a minimum of three members, normally involving an officer of the Committee. The Club Child Welfare Officer may be asked to sit on the committee if it is deemed necessary. The members of the disciplinary sub-committee may not be held personally liable for any deeds or omissions relating to any disciplinary procedure.

Where there are potential contentious issues, due consideration shall be given to ensure the independence of the disciplinary committee.


The disciplinary sub-committee shall furnish any participant with details of the complaint being made against them and afford them the opportunity of providing a response either verbally or in writing. In the event of a complaint against a child, the parents/guardians shall be informed and advised of the process.


The disciplinary sub-committee shall then set a date for a hearing giving at least 7 days’ notice unless a shorter period is necessary due to the nature of the offence. Any person charged shall be entitled to attend and present or be represented at a hearing if they so wish. The disciplinary sub-committee shall determine the procedures for the hearing and nominate one of their members to act as Chairperson. The disciplinary sub-committee shall then hear the case of all parties involved and decide if a rule or regulation has been infringed.

If the disciplinary process relates to a person under 18 years of age, the hearing shall not be held with that person without the presence of a parent/guardian. If a parent or guardian cannot attend then a coach chosen by the parents/guardians can attend in their place.


The disciplinary sub-committee shall then inform those of their decision and the sanctions if any that are to be imposed. This notification should be in writing, setting out the reason for the sanction. Written notification shall be forwarded to parents if the proceedings involve a participant under 18 years of age.


Any party unhappy with the findings of the disciplinary committee can appeal the decision in writing to the Club Chairperson. Any such appeal should be made within 14 days of the notification of the original decision.


The appeal shall be heard by the executive committee of the Club. The case and all the evidence will be considered. The executive committee shall have the power to uphold or reject the appeal or to vary, alter or set aside any sanction imposed by the disciplinary sub-committee. Such decisions are final.


A disciplinary sub-committee may recommend the following sanctions:

  • An instruction
  • A reprimand
  • A fine
  • A warning
  • A suspension from membership
  • An expulsion ban from the club and club activities

Rev 1 March 10 2022