Important Chairman’s Statement

It has been brought to my attention that some parents have issues with managers on their selection policies for matches and also in their use of players during matches.

I write this statement for all parents to clarify the clubs position in this matter.

The club has a code of conduct for our managers and in still that they give all players an equal and fair chance and conduct themselves in appropriate manner. In saying this, the managers of all our teams will select and manage their teams as they see fit. As a club we always make sure that all kids in each squad share in any success any team has.

The club will not condone parents approaching managers on the pitch side in an aggressive manner, ringing managers in his/her own time about team matters or go on social media to criticise the management team which I find to be a disturbing trend as it makes issues very public and open to debate.

Parents must remember we are a voluntary organisation who provide a safe, healthy environment for the kids of all ages at what is a very reasonable price. Please remember all managers have had extensive coaching, Garda Vetting, first aid,  welfare courses and most important  give up their own time away from their own families for the betterment of all players. If they didn’t volunteer there would be no soccer in Watergrasshill.

As a parent, you may only have your own child’s feelings to consider, but any manager may have up to 20 CHILDREN’S and PARENT’S to consider at any one time. I think a little more respect for the responsibilities our volunteers undertake on a voluntary basis should be considered.

As always we will always be open to parents coming to us with whatever issues that they have through the proper channels and we will discuss and act in the appropriate manner to each case, but parents are to remember once the kids come under our responsibility it’s our rules that apply. If that is not good enough then you are, as always, free to take your child elsewhere.

The club will be putting up links on our website on parents behaviour and responsibilities on the pitch side and towards club officials and I suggest all parents read this and act on it accordingly. Let’s make our club a place where we can all enjoy whatever success comes our way and respect all party’s involved for the better of the kid’s which is what this is all about….

Yours in Football,
Nicholas O’Sullivan

Chairman Watergrasshill United



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