Just a note of thanks for the award I was given last night.I'm not one for the limelight and photo opportunities but need to thank some people.Firstly the players some who were with me since they were 6..thanks for your dedication to training, to your team,to your club,and to how you behaved on and off the field,all of you are a credit to your parents and all the success we achieved was ultimately won on the pitch. Thanks to you parents for 7 years of going to endless matches,training,supporting us in every and especially those who always went that bit extra when volunteers were required Thanks to Dave Nodwell who sponsored us with kit since we entered the league's Thanks Belinda for all the photos you took and posted for us Thanks to all who sponsored us and helped us get to Holland ( special mention for Rob Knapp,it wouldn't have worked without him) Thank you Macus for the coaching and your 100% commitment to the team The first time I saw the lads play they lost 20-0..they followed that up losing only 14-0..The club asked me as a parent to get involved and soon I realised I had what was to become a fantastic team on my hands and when you have dedicated players,coaching, managment,parents and good club structure you can achieve great things on & off the pitch. So 7 years on and 2 league's....Cup Winners,Cup finalists and semi finalists,last 16 in National Cup..played 6 in a European Tournament only losing 1,I suppose it's safe to say we didn't do too badly. . Best of luck lads in Premiership, well and truly deserved

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